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Paleo Hemp is a grower and seller of high quality organic medical hemp. Hemp is Cannabis Sativa with less than 0.3% THC. The 2018 Farm Bill changed the 1937 criminalization of hemp, by separating hemp from marijuana. Hemp is an ancient plant going back over thirty million years. Prior to criminalization hemp was a dominant source of fiber, the first Levi’s was made with hemp. The Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution were both copied on hemp paper. Hemp remains as the highest quality paper and the strongest natural fiber. Presidents such as Washington, Jefferson, and Monroe all grew hemp. They also had hemp in their gardens that they used to grow the organic medicines of their day.


This medical hemp was successfully grown in Oklahoma in 2019 through a Department of Agriculture Pilot Program. The Pilot Program was discontinued later in 2019. The crop was independently tested by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture’s lab. And by Scissortail Laboratories. Both labs tested the product as having less than 0.3% THC. Scissortail also tested terpenes and presented a more complete cannabinol profile.

We have grown and produced this medical hemp in a completely organic manner, on land that has grown nothing other than native grasses for over sixty years. Even the water used to irrigate is organic from a spring fed pond and from rain water.




We wanted to produce a high-quality seed product for individuals who want to grow high CBD medical hemp. So, we let the female flowers be pollinated and produce seeds. The produced seeds are dark and fertile with guaranteed germination. The flowers after the seeds are removed have yielded a high-quality flower which can be used for medicinal teas and is also a smokable product. It can be smoked in a pre-roll cone or mixed with high THC cannabinoids for a more complete entourage effect.

Colorado has been on the forefront of developing high-quality medical hemp. The Paleo Hemp available seeds were developed in Colorado. The cultivar was first grown commercially in the 2015 growing season and was a big success with farmers, reporting excellent field performance and better than expected yields under a wide variety of conditions, no farmers failed the compliance testing by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Favorable testing was also had in the 2016, 2017, and 2018 growing seasons. We found that this variety grew and tested well for the Oklahoma climate, and these seeds have now been acclimated to climates outside of Colorado. The hemp seed market is only in its infancy with most companies not selling seeds, but making arrangements with growers to grow their seeds, but the grower can’t retain seed and is prohibited to grow the seed on their own.


High CBD hemp cultivars exhibit the most desirable characteristics for the production of hemp derived-cannabinoid medicines. The plants generally look, grow, and smell more like a marijuana plant than an industrial hemp crop. They are cultivated to specific practices to ensure quality and maximize medical value and are often referred to as medical hemp. The ideal medical hemp cultivar will produce large crops of abundant flowers heads with good high CBD resin production, while growing well outdoors in a variety of weather events. For example, in Switzerland there is a large market for high CBD hemp cigarettes, while in the United States it is being blended to produce a cannabis and terpenes entourage effect and smoked in pre-rolled cones, and mixed with higher THC cannabis. Premium grade hemp flowers may cost five to ten times more than most hemp flowers which will be used for oil extraction.

Medical hemp harvesting in contrast to industrial hemp harvesting in contrast to industrial hemp harvesting is typically harvested by hand to ensure the flower heads are kept clean and intact and that the resin-rich trichomes aren’t dislodged by rough handling. Almost all the CBD is in the flower heads, followed by a smaller amount in the leaves. Due to the controlled nature of hemp and other cannabis plants, hemp requires testing during cultivation to ensure its THC levels don’t exceed legally specified limits. In some regions most strains must be harvested before fully mature to prevent THC levels exceeding legally prescribed limits which is currently 0.3 percent THC. We had no plants termed hot, with the plants staying within the legal limit, and this variety has had an excellent testing record since its development in 2015. Although, specific guidelines on testing and harvest requirements are subject to local or state regulation and advice via the State Department of Agriculture.


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Product Disclosure:

Guaranteed germination of seeds within 45 days of receipt of delivery. Please note that plants success rates vary based on soil, water, climate, nutrient regime, and more.

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